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See how teach@home is helping
teachers and parents

I am LOVING this resource as a teacher and a mother and have been sharing this with everyone I know!


I love the two weeks of teach at home lessons you have available. Thanks for providing such a great resource!!

Hello! I was exploring your site this morning and love the daily activities.

Teacher and Team Leader

What a great resource!


The website has lots of simple, easy to implement activities and printable manipulatives that cover the basics for each grade level. Has both on and offline activities for kids as well, I really like it!

Director of Curriculum

I love, love, love that you are putting this together for families/educators to use during this time. Good luck with your new adventure as it is very honorable and I am sure coming from someone whose goal is to help. We are all in this together with a common goal to help our kiddos. Thank you for going above and beyond in this goal!

Thank you for making these resources available for students around the country. My school is excited to offer these as a resource for our families through our school website.

Math Instructional Leadership Specialist

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