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Parent’s Guide

to Support Learning from Home


Preschoolers are naturally curious learners, so while you’re at home looking to keep these busy hands and minds active, the following list of academic skills and activities can help support you! This list highlights those academic skills you can focus on at home with your preschooler. We have also included a variety of ageappropriate activities that will entertain, educate, and engage your child! 


  • Learn about numbers by counting objects
  • Sort and categorize objects
  • Learn to identify and name circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, and ovals


  • Practice writing letters and their names
  • Listens to books read aloud
  • Starts to recognize letters and their sounds
  • Draw, paint, and cut to develop fine motor skills for writing


  • Use their natural curiosity
  • Explore and observe what is around them
  • Interact with and learn about nature

Social Emotional Learning

  • Help to clean up and organize
  • Start to learn to share, take turns, and cooperate
  • Practice using manners
  • Develop communication skills