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Parent’s Guide

to Support Learning from Home

Grade 5

Your child has made it to what most consider the last year of elementary school! They sharpen, refine and grow their upperelementary skills in preparation for middle school. While you’re at home looking to engage your child, the following list of academic skills and educational activities can help support you and your almost middle schooler! This list highlights those academic skills you can focus on at home with your 5th grader. We have also included a variety of ageappropriate activities that will entertain, educate, and engage your child! 


  • Work very large to very small numbers in the form of whole numbers as well as decimals and fractions
  • Use long division to divide large numbers by multi-digit numbers
  • Use addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to solve word problems
  • Practice using parentheses and brackets in equations; know the proper order to use to solve the equations
  • Solve real-world math problems by using problem-solving strategies
  • Plot coordinates on graphs and compare their distance and positions
  • Describe 3-dimensional shapes and find their volumes and surface areas


  • Use root words to decipher a longer word (ex. “act” is the root word in actor, acting, reenact)
  • Begin to use direct quotes from text to explain ideas
  • Read fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama
  • Identify the parts of a story including conflict, climax, and resolution
  • Write a multi-paragraph, organized composition in order with a central idea
  • Determine the meaning of an unknown word by using the context of a text


  • Conduct experiments using the scientific method
  • Develop their science studies with an overview of earth, life, and physical sciences
  • Write about and present the conclusion of an experiment
  • Experiment with different materials and different matter such as solids, liquids, and gasses
  • Learn what real scientists do and practice their inquiry and/or investigation skills