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Parent’s Guide

to Support Learning from Home

Grade 2

During 2nd grade your child may be ready to advance their learning and expand their skills across subjects. While you’re at home looking to engage your child, the following list of academic skills and educational activities can help support you! This list highlights those academic skills you can focus on at home with your 2nd grader. We have also included a variety of ageappropriate activities that will entertain, educate, and engage your child! 


  • Tell time to the quarter hour using analog and digital clocks
  • Understand the concept of multiplication (for example, 2 x 4 is 2 rows of 4)
  • Learn even and odd numbers
  • Add and subtract money with decimal points and solve equations like $1.25 + $.40 = $1.65
  • Understand a 3-digit number and break it down into groups of 100s, 10s, and 1s


  • Read both fiction and nonfiction
  • Understand the who, what, when, where, why, and how of a text
  • Learn more grammar and punctuation such as apostrophes, create common contractions, use commas for greetings and closing, capitalize the first letters of holidays, products, and geographic names
  • Revise and edit their writing to improve it
  • Begin to use a dictionary


  • Observe, ask questions, plan, and do investigations and experiments
  • Learn scientific facts about our physical world
  • Record and communicate what they experience through writing and speaking
  • Collect data and use it to support what they learn
  • Read about scientific concepts